adroit computer software

Comprehensive buying and selling details for each vehicle
    - available on the screen or as printed reports
Vehicle Purchase into Current Stock
    - print purchase invoice
    - vehicle extras and accessories
    - categorise each vehicle - family saloon, executive, 4x4, sport etc
Vehicle Sold
    - print sales invoice
    - include any sales extras
    - part exchange details incorporated into current stock
    - record finance details
Vehicle Costs
    - allocate costs and overheads to individual vehicles for accurate margins
Vehicle Searches
    - search database for vehicles by registration no, makes or models
    - search current and historical records
Vehicle Details are available on Screen or as printed Reports
    - view current and sold vehicles - accessed by registration number
    - view current and sold vehicles - accessed by stock number
    - view current stock
        - by number of days held in stock
        - by windscreen price
        - by purchase price
        - by make and models
    - view sold vehicles sales margins
        - selective by make and model
        - selective by month
        - year to date sales
    - view vehicles sold
        - by category - year to date
        - compare sales this month/quarter/year with last year's
        - finance commissions relating to financed deals
    - view VAT commitments
        - selective by quarter
        - selective by month
        - year to date sales
Business Overheads and Expenses
    - categorise your business expenses
    - post invoice details of business overheads and expenses
    - report business overheads and expenses - quarter and year to date
Sales Prospecting
    - store details of sales enquiries - customers and vehicle requirements
    - match current stock with sales enquiries
    - repeat sale prospecting
        - match current stock with previous sales customers
        - print sales prospecting letters to customers - selective options
    - print warranty expiry and service due reminder letters direct from the system
Bespoke Options
    - additions and modifications to the system to suit individual requirements

System Features